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It's ready: Project Mappin'

A selfie from Burak Bayburtlu with Winappfarm teams
We selected to Winappfarm project to develop a project called Mappin' by Microsoft Ankara and Bilkent Cyberpark. I worked on Microsoft office in Ankara and developed this application. Also with this project, we are in Microsoft Bizspark program now. First of all, I would like to say thank you to all contributors. You can access detailed information about Winappfarm here.

Logo of our application Mappin'
I would like to mention about Mappin'. Easy way of finding memories of people. Being able to share your experiences where it matters is now priceless. You can leave your mark on the earth for the others to see. You can find out the words of people who were in the same place just like you and inform the other people who will be on the same spot you are now.

In this project, I used Microsoft Azure Mobile Services backend with help of Microsoft Bizspark's free monthly 150$ Azure account. I learnt many things on this software project, I am glad because of that.

You can visit our application's website and you may follow twitter account Also you can download it from these links:
Windows Phone application:
Windows 8 application:


Windows Phone & Windows Store environment and me

After my Microsoft internship on last year, I decided to improve my skills on Microsoft technologies. After one year, I think, I succeed. I have many applications on Windows Phone and Store marketplace.

Unfortunately, downloads is too small but I satisfied. Because my aim was not the reach millions of downloads. I just tried to improve my skills because I am a student and it's a kind of hobby for me.

I want to mention about my apps:

Windows 8&8.1 Store

ESOGÜ Not Habercisi
It's my dream app when I started to mobile development. This application shows grades of an Osmangazi University student, notify when a new grade entered to system.

IEEE Türkiye Etkinlik Takip Sistemi
It's a system that shows all events in IEEE Turkey Section. Every student branch has their own responsible for add events to our system. It uses Microsoft Azure backend.

ESOGÜ Yemekhane Uygulaması
It's shows student to meal menu of Osmangazi University restaurant. An hackathon application (Microsoft MSP Student AppFest Eskisehir)

Çekilişçi 2.0
Çekilişçi is a real time draw application which uses Windows Azure backend. You draw with Windows Store application and show it on your Windows Phone at the same time. It's my internship project.

Windows Phone 8&8.1

ESOGÜ Not Habercisi
It's my dream app when I started to mobile development. This application shows grades of an Osmangazi University student, notify when a new grade entered to system.

Easy way of finding memories of people.
Mappin' is an idea that show short texts for all coordinates of world in 5-10 meters. It will be great for wearable technology. Let's imagine that when I was walking around a park and suddenly I learned that "My friends has vomited in here 3 years ago" just that point. I will laugh and call my friend to share that. It is going to be a new social media.

Yüksek Hızlı Tren Mobil Uygulaması
It's a mobile application that shows high speed train's service hours.

Eskişehir Otobüs Saatleri
It's a mobile application that shows bus service hours and bus directions of Eskisehir.

ESOGÜ IEEE Student Branch Mobile Application
Mobile application of a university club that have information about that student club.

Mobile application of a Turkish football team Trabzonspor.

House M.D. Quotes
This is a House M.D. TV series fun application. You can remember the quotes from House.

The Bro Code
It's a mobile application that targets to reach HIMYM TV series fans.
It's a Mappin' clone, ADD hackathon application.

Çekilişçi 2.0
Çekilişçi is a real time draw application which uses Windows Azure backend. You draw with Windows Store application and show it on your Windows Phone at the same time. It's my internship project.

Android Developer Days 2014 - Hackathon

In Turkish: mobile application, In English: android application.
Weird and funny :)
I participated first ADD two years ago. I have also a blog post about hat:
(This post also referenced by wikipedia

This year, they organized a mobile application hackathon at the same time. I decided to participate that hackathon as a Windows Phone developer. According to organizers, there is no platform limit on this hackathon. Unfortunately, I was the only non-android develeoper on this hackathon. Because of that, it was extremely difficult for me. I want to thanks to Olcay Ay to try to help us event don't have any idea about Windows Phone environment.

At the final presentations, we can't present our application clearly. It was our fault but maybe it caused we were sleepy, we can't get any degree at this contest.

Unfortunately, I can't participate most of sessions because of hackathon. 24 hours is too small for one day. Addition to that, event was 2 days!

Here are the my hackathon application,

From Tieland To Tiewan Wild Energy - Delft, Netherlands

On my second EESTEC event, I was in Technical University of Delft that one of the most successful universities of world to participate From Tieland To Tiewan Wild Energy workshop.

The program started off with four days of lectures and assignments, both theoretical and practical.
I learnt how to send a small zeppelin-like balloon autonomous through an obstacle-filled room, using sensors and a microcontroller. It was ARM based and we coded it to control the skyies.

In collaboration with the European Wind Energy Master, the next part of the workshop was focus on wind energy; I did wind measurements, learnt about wind turbine designs and even design and build my own small wind turbine!

This wind turbine was then be used to power your blimp!

After that experience, I decided to live in Delft, I hope it could be possible one day.

Robomac 2014 - an EESTEC event Skojpe, Macedonia

EESTEC is a non-political, non-profit organization of and for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) students. The aim is to promote and develop international contacts and the exchange of ideas among the students of EECS. The association achieves its aim through improving technical knowledge of EECS students, introducing them to the industry and the educational system of other countries. EESTEC LC Skopje is formed in 2003 and since then offers Ss Cyril and Methodius University students' a new level of education, based on improving their soft skills and giving them chance to take part of international events, learning new things and meeting new people and cultures. Its mission is to expand their horizons and give them a chance to practically use their skills.

Robomac is an international competition in robotics, programming and artificial intelligence. Robomac is organized for the fifth consecutive year. It was take place from 2nd to 9th March in Skopje, with students from the EESTEC and IEEE student branch all over Europe and local students from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

An interview about contest with me:

-Доаѓам од градот Ескишехир, од Електротехничкиот факултет „Османгази“, и сум студент во трета година. Прв пат сум во Македонија. Слушнав многу убави работи за Скопје, а знам дека луѓето од Балканот се многу добри и затоа сакав да дојдам - ни рече Бахадир Акин Акгул.

In this contest, our team have a challenge on humanoid category. We coded humanoid robot to dance. After audience's elections we were placed on second.

One day I really want to go back Macedonia!

Object Oriented Programming II Course and my project


I had not enough passion to write my blog since a few months. I don't know why but maybe it caused I can't get any feedbacks from people. It just like sending a letter in a bottle. Yesterday, I realized one of my bottle have received and my motivation came back and I decided to write a few posts.

In 2014 Spring, I have taken a course called Object Oriented Programming II. It was one of the most awful experiences of my university live. According to course descriptions, it should be a design patterns on C++ based course but new lecturer of course completely changed it and did not any inform to anybody.

This course was started with extremely basical C# subjects and it was so boring for me. I prefer to not to go lectures.

You can access course videos from here:

This course also have a final project necessity so I developed an university event register system for my student club.

Windows Forms Application with Microsoft Azure backend: 2 Günde Şirket-i Alem Kayıt Sistemi, it is open source, you can access codes from here:


Object Oriented Programming I Course and our project

A view from our final project.
In this term, I've taken a computer engineering course called Object Oriented Programming I.

Here is the brief course content:

Object Oriented Programming (3+0): Object oriented approach to programming, C++ classes, Inheritance, C++ operators, Function & operator overloading, Access specifiers, Virtual and friend keywords, Templates, C++ class libraries.

I have some experiences about OOP style coding but it was so hard to adapting to C++ style coding. I think that course one of the best courses I have ever taken. Because, I have learnt many thing about coding, C++ and project management. In addition to that, learning UML designs was the best thing that I saw. I tried to understand it clearly because Microsoft MVPs told us it is so important when you are going to handle a real project in my internship.

Also, this course included a final project. Our lecturer wanted a "Book Store Management System" from us. He gave UML designs and me and my teammate Ahmet Faruk work together and completed this program. Now, it's open source. You can take a look to it from here.

You can also download course documentations from here.

Being an intern in Microsoft

A poster photo includes all participants. I'm in center and most back of picture.
Hello to everyone! I couldn't write to my blog for a long time. As far as I am considering about that, I decided to start with to write my first internship experience.

In Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering students are required 40 days of practical training during the summer months or during the breaks. Contrary to popular brief, it could be in computer hardware or software. When I came to this department, I was so excited about software field.

Microsoft offers a great opportunity to university student in Turkey. There is a 20 days internship program called Microsoft Yazokulu (Summer school). It was like an intense education program. I taked courses from Microsoft MVPs. We covered Sharepoint, Office 365, MSSQL, C#, ASP.NET, Game programming with Unity3D, Windows Modern Interface and Windows Phone 8 Application Development and Windows Azure subjects in that intership process. You can take a look at these: (mostly in Turkish):

I have taken a certificate from here also. Well, it was a great experience for me. I have learnt many things about Microsoft technologies. We had to finalize our project upon this internship process. My project was pretty simple but it has a kind of different backend for a number drawing application. It uses Microsoft Azure to keep numbers and can show it to users with a token. Also, I have to design a privacy policy, you can take a look to it from here:

You can download Windows 8 Modern Application here:
Download Windows Phone 8 Release:

In the video, we gave an interview to express our feelings about Microsoft Yazokulu (in Turkish). My part is in 9:46. In addition to that, I strongly recommend you to watch end of video to have fun. Finally, a few course documents are in my Skydrive. You can find it here: If you are inspired and have questions about that, please don't hesitate to ask me. See you soon!