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Finding big images is not a problem anymore

Hi everyone! I have been searching wallpaper for about a few week.Then suddenly I found TinEye which is a reverse image search engine. Give TinEye an image to find out where else it appears on the web.

In my tests, most of photos are able to passed the test. On the other hand, it have got some bugs,mistakes just like all websites.

You can reach from:Tineye


How do you have a great self-confidence?

Hi again! I like conferences. I have joined a good one. It was TTNET Gelecegini Netlestir. Then, a speaker mentioned about this method :

First of all, you need 6 months for apply this method. Unfortunately, you must start first step. This is very important for usefulling of this method.

First step. (8 weeks)

You need to say "hi" to 10 person each day.

Second step. (7 weeks)

You have to speak a person only 5 minutes each day.

Third step. (6 weeks)

You have to go a public area and scream someone's name each a day. e.g. Aliiiiiiii, Useiiiiiiinn, Chrisssss

Forth and last step. (5 weeks)

You have to enter a shop center and order a thing which there is no way to sell it in this shop center. e.g enter a chemist's shop and order a car tire. ( it can cause very bad things, take care yourselves ;) )