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Migrating a website from Azure to Azure

When I was thinking about writing this article, Windows Azure was still giving us 3-month-free-trial. But sadly, It changed. It became one month free trial now.

If you are worried about your files in server that trial period is over and also you can still want to continue to use your Azure service. Solution is simple: Migration.

In this example, I'll continue with Wordpress website.
Before we start you should download MySQL Workbench from here and Filezilla from here and I used Notepad++ and you can download here.

Firstly, you should log in your old trial account before trial period is over. If your trial period is just over, don't worry you can still rescue your data. In this condition, you should send a ticket to Microsoft Help Service. They will help you, but usually you need to make a phone call with a technician. Keep in mind that, if you are not able to speak somebody.

After that, we are going to look for our ftp address, username and password. You can see your ftp address and username on the right side. If you didn't create it, you should set it. (If you are still in trouble you should check here:

In here, we will note that our database strings and ftp server address.  We need "View connection strings", "FTP HOST NAME" and "FTP USER" values. Your password is a password that you settled before.

After that, you should export your database from old webserver.

First, you'll want to follow the directions here to setup the connection to your MySQL database:

Once you have done so, we can start:

EXPORTING A DATABASE (Database backup)

1. Start up MySQL Workbench and make sure you're at the home page. Click the small "home" icon at the top left if you're not there.

2. Under SERVER ADMINISTRATION, select "New Server Instance"

3. Check the "Take Parameters from Existing Database connection" box and select the account you created in the write up above.

4. Click Next until you reach the remote management selection page and make sure that "Do not use remote management" is selected. Hit next again and type in your preferred server instance name. Click on Finish.

5. Double click the newly added server instance under Server Administration and login using your MySQL database credentials.

6. In the "Task and Object Browser" bar on the left, select "Data Export and Restore" which will load it into the right window.

7. Select the "Schema" with your database name in it (usually your username).

8. Under "Options," select "Export to Self-Contained File" and choose a directory to download it to. In the directory selection menu, make sure to type in the name of the file and append it with .sql

9. Click on "Start Export" at the bottom and you should be set.

Then you will edit your database (sql file). I recommend Notepad++ for this. You will change your old database name with new one that you can find it from your new server. Then import that database to it. Thats it, migration is over.


Using Wordpress in Windows Azure

Hi everyone! As I mentioned earlier, I set up our student club website with Wordpress. (here) Also, I want to tell something about this website's relation with Windows Azure.

Windows Azure is a cloud service that developed by Microsoft. On the contrary of most people thinks, it does not support Linux servers, Wordpress, PhpBB etc. Completely wrong, It supports! Also, it's free for one month.

In this article, I am going to mention about Wordpress set-up on Windows Azure.

Firstly, we are going to go to this address to register for Azure:

After that, we'll click to free trial. We need to create a Live account for membership. If we have it already, we can login here in this step. On the other hand, if we don't have a Live account or use a Live account before for Azure membership, we have to create a new account.

In here I have to say something about this credit card issue. You don't worry about it, there is no extra payment from your credit card since you don't give permission to it.
After that, we should click +Add button at the very bottom of page.
In this step, we will reach website gallery of Azure.

We determine our domain name and create a new MySQL database.

Then we skip to next page to creating process of our database. Note: Don't remember to agree:

  I agree to ClearDB’s legal terms and that Microsoft will transfer my subscription and contact information to ClearDB. See also ClearDB’s privacy statement.

Great! We have completed our set-up. I'll write about editing and migration of Wordpress later, so have fun!


Digital Systems Laboratory

A breadboard pic from out experiment, it looks like a C4, huh?
Finally, Spring 2013 term is finished and I started to summer school. I'm afraid spring term was not satisfying for me. Due to the hard electrical engineering courses like Signals&Systems, I failed this term in these theoretically courses. On the contrary, Digital Systems laboratory was so fun. Especially, It was great when we wrote code in Verilog. Addition to that, I would like to thank you to my teammate Göksenin for great teamwork.
I think It doesn't matter which language I write, I like coding's itself. Well, we did 8 experiment:

1-Binary and BCD Numbers
2-Combinational Logic Design with Decoders and Multiplexers
4-Flip Flops
5-Synchronous Sequential Circuits and Counters
6-Logic Design Using Verilog HDL and Xilinx ISE
7-Logic Design With Gate Level and Data Flow Modeling in Verilog-HDL
8-Verilog HDL Description of Sequential Circuits

You can find laboratory materials from here:


Taksim Square Protests / #direngeziparki

Turkish citizens are still protesting the demolition of "Taksim Gezi Park" which one of the few public parks left in the center of Istanbul. The official plan was the build an old building called "Taksim Topcu Kislasi". It's an old military building that built in Ottoman times of republic. Of course, it's impossible to build a military building again because of that government planned to building's inside as a large shopping center.

Due to the understand that, we have to look at near Turkish history. Topcu Kislasi was build in 1708. Ottomans were doing reforms at 1900's and Islamic part of Turkish citizens were uncomfortable from that reforms. Due to the that reason, people who want sharia started a rebellion called "31 Mart İsyanı" against reformist Ottomans. Taksim Topcu Kislasi was the center of this rebellion.

But in 1940, Lutfi Kirdar who governor of Istanbul and today's opposing side to Erdogan (PM of Turkey) ordered to demonstrate that building and build a park instead of that.

Erdogan's philosophy is conservative democracy and maybe this project will help him to rise their votes from Turkish extreme Islamist. He also said that he want to build a mosque near of that building.

On the contrary, most of Turkish citizens are against to that project and started to protests in over than 50 city of Turkey but still government says these are marginal socialist groups, not all of citizens. Also, government using police violence to stop these protests. You can take a look at that links to see that:

#direngeziparki #direnbesiktas #direnankara #direneskisehir #direnizmir #occupyturkey


My Microsoft and Kodu Game Lab Presentation

Since Februrary 2013, I am part of Microsoft Student Partner program. In this process, I have learnt so many things. Then, one of the my responsibilities were gave a presentation to high school student. I selected "Atatürk Teknik ve EML" because I don't have enough information about Eskişehir's high schools. It was the only one I knew.
I went there and talk about these event. Chairman of department was so understanding and helped me for that presentation. He arranged a lab. classroom and I did it in one day after April 26.
First of all, I think audience was not bad but it could be better than that. I gave my presentation clearly and I expected some questions from audience but no one wanted it. But I couldn't gave up and ask questions to myself and answered, too.

Here is the my presentation:


Microsoft provide free Windows 8 for students

As we know, Windows 8 released for last users in October 26, 2012. It was a revolution for operating systems with especially it's touch-ready properties. You could upgrade your system for only 29 lira if you have any licensed Windows 7 product. It was a huge discount and a lots of user have upgraded their systems to Windows 8. On the contrary, some of users missed this chance. Well, I have good news for you. If you are an computer engineering student, you can provide Windows 8 freely. Microsoft Dreamspark Premium project targets to meet Windows 8 with future's engineer. Here is what you should do:

1- Firstly you need to find your university's Dreamspark Premium page. (If you don't know anything about this, you can do a web search that contains "microsoft dreamspark premium YourUniversitysName")
2-Then click to Sign in where located in right-side-up of page.
3-You will face with a login page. You should click register button on the bottom of page.
4-Then in this page, you should click "request an account or help".
5-In this page, you should write a letter for your request. This form will be considered by your department's assistant who responsible for Dreamspark Premium.
6-After the membership process, you can download Windows 8 and a lot of Microsoft product.


My first wordpress website project:

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over 14.7% of Alexa Internet's "top 1 million" websites and as of August 2011 manages 22% of all new websites. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system in use on the Web.
It was first released on May 27, 2003, by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a fork of b2/cafelog. As of December 2011, version 3.0 had been downloaded over 65 million times.

When we decided to build a website for ESOGUIEEE, I highly recommend to use your own design. On the contary, I wasn't be good at webdesign. After that, I realized Wordpress has a lots of templates and it won't look like same as others and I decided to design website with Wordpress.

But, my template was in English and I cannot use any English word in this website because it was an official student branch website and its language must be full of Turkish. In this age, if you are able to use Google, you may do anything you want. I researched a lot of documents about php, css and javascript. I editted more than 100 files to regulation of website. Sometimes, it crushed. But I never give up and today, it's ready. You can reach from

(Also, you can try to push UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-B-A for a little bit surprised)


Circuit Analysis Laboratory Reports

Sometimes I took picture of breadboard to remember circuit.
Due to the all difficulties, Fall 2012 term is finished for me and I am so glad now. In this term, I took Circuit Analysis courses to starting to be an electrical engineer. Even though this course's theoretical part is difficult, application part was much easier for me. We did eight experiment in this term:
2-Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Laws and Voltage Loading
3-Thévenin Equivalent, Maximum Power Transfer, and Superposition
Here is a picture of my friend when doing an experiment.
4-Electronic Test Instruments: Oscilloscope and Function Generator
5-DC and AC Measurements using Multimeter and Oscilloscope
6-Op amps: The Inverting and Noninverting Amplifier Circuits
7-Op amps: The Integrating Amplifier Circuit
8-Natural and Step Response of an RC Circuit and Time Constant Concept

Also you can reach my lab reports from here:

Important notice from Sezgin Seçil:

Sayın Admin,
Lab raporlarını aynen alıp kullanan öğrenciler, kopya muamelesi görüyorlar.