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Future technology: Social network with video chat

Hi! I want to share an old article(!) for about this subject. I have been thinking about new techs and suddenly found this.

" Social network was an innovation a few years ago. But now A lot people have social network accounts. So they  will say "This is boring".
Video chat was a dream about 20 years ago. But now it is a neccesary condition. Why companys don't use this in social network? Why they are prefer old videos?
I think in a few years after it will possible. "

A few years?

After a few "months" from this Google+ and Facebook released video chat for social network. I was wrong.

End of the download mp3 files, high speed internet and online musics!

Hi my f(o || e)llowers I want to say something about music files.

Before 10-15 years ago if you want to download a music file, you have to wait approximately 1 or 2 hours. Perhaps it wasn't real mp3 file.(Maybe a virus or a adware). It was a waste of time.
Now we are able to reach high speed internet connection everywhere and we don't have to wait hours and hours. We can listen our musics with no money no waste of time. which is a Turkish sourced web site have got large archive for achieve.

But I have read a article in PCNet magazine for about 5 or 6 years ago.
"After 10 years, We can not download music files like nowadays. Big companies will come with some forbids."

Maybe? Please not.

How do you change your Twitter profile picture

Hi my followers! In this days unfortunetly Twitter forbidden large profile pictures.
But if you want to change your profile picture don't care it's possible. This website could be edit your profile picture for Twitter.
Have fun!

How do you connect Internet in your PC with Nokia 5800 XM without 3G Modem

Hi everyone! I want to share my experiences about Nokia Smart Phones or phone(5800xm). A lot of people believe that "If you want to connect internet with mobile phone in PC, you have to buy a 3G modem." No!

Nokia CA-101 data cable or Bluetooth in PC
Nokia PC Suite
A gsm card

First of all download Nokia PC Suite and install it. This program is free and published by Nokia. It's offical. After that connect your phone with bluetooth or cable. After you will see a screen what is just like a control center. Enter Tools menu and select Connect Internet. Thats all.

Have fun my followers!