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Object Oriented Programming I Course and our project

A view from our final project.
In this term, I've taken a computer engineering course called Object Oriented Programming I.

Here is the brief course content:

Object Oriented Programming (3+0): Object oriented approach to programming, C++ classes, Inheritance, C++ operators, Function & operator overloading, Access specifiers, Virtual and friend keywords, Templates, C++ class libraries.

I have some experiences about OOP style coding but it was so hard to adapting to C++ style coding. I think that course one of the best courses I have ever taken. Because, I have learnt many thing about coding, C++ and project management. In addition to that, learning UML designs was the best thing that I saw. I tried to understand it clearly because Microsoft MVPs told us it is so important when you are going to handle a real project in my internship.

Also, this course included a final project. Our lecturer wanted a "Book Store Management System" from us. He gave UML designs and me and my teammate Ahmet Faruk work together and completed this program. Now, it's open source. You can take a look to it from here.

You can also download course documentations from here.

Being an intern in Microsoft

A poster photo includes all participants. I'm in center and most back of picture.
Hello to everyone! I couldn't write to my blog for a long time. As far as I am considering about that, I decided to start with to write my first internship experience.

In Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering students are required 40 days of practical training during the summer months or during the breaks. Contrary to popular brief, it could be in computer hardware or software. When I came to this department, I was so excited about software field.

Microsoft offers a great opportunity to university student in Turkey. There is a 20 days internship program called Microsoft Yazokulu (Summer school). It was like an intense education program. I taked courses from Microsoft MVPs. We covered Sharepoint, Office 365, MSSQL, C#, ASP.NET, Game programming with Unity3D, Windows Modern Interface and Windows Phone 8 Application Development and Windows Azure subjects in that intership process. You can take a look at these: (mostly in Turkish):

I have taken a certificate from here also. Well, it was a great experience for me. I have learnt many things about Microsoft technologies. We had to finalize our project upon this internship process. My project was pretty simple but it has a kind of different backend for a number drawing application. It uses Microsoft Azure to keep numbers and can show it to users with a token. Also, I have to design a privacy policy, you can take a look to it from here:

You can download Windows 8 Modern Application here:
Download Windows Phone 8 Release:

In the video, we gave an interview to express our feelings about Microsoft Yazokulu (in Turkish). My part is in 9:46. In addition to that, I strongly recommend you to watch end of video to have fun. Finally, a few course documents are in my Skydrive. You can find it here: If you are inspired and have questions about that, please don't hesitate to ask me. See you soon!