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Object Oriented Programming I Course and our project

A view from our final project.
In this term, I've taken a computer engineering course called Object Oriented Programming I.

Here is the brief course content:

Object Oriented Programming (3+0): Object oriented approach to programming, C++ classes, Inheritance, C++ operators, Function & operator overloading, Access specifiers, Virtual and friend keywords, Templates, C++ class libraries.

I have some experiences about OOP style coding but it was so hard to adapting to C++ style coding. I think that course one of the best courses I have ever taken. Because, I have learnt many thing about coding, C++ and project management. In addition to that, learning UML designs was the best thing that I saw. I tried to understand it clearly because Microsoft MVPs told us it is so important when you are going to handle a real project in my internship.

Also, this course included a final project. Our lecturer wanted a "Book Store Management System" from us. He gave UML designs and me and my teammate Ahmet Faruk work together and completed this program. Now, it's open source. You can take a look to it from here.

You can also download course documentations from here.