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Humor education from Microsoft

When I was view Microsoft's education competencies, I found an interesting thing. In addition to all of competencies, there is one thing: humor education. I don't know humor skill can be gained with education but it looks it's an important specialty for Microsoft.
You are able to make jokes after take this courses. I believe it is a great move for Microsoft due to company's cold image. On the other hand, they have to find experts in this education process. Maybe they try to hire comedians who laughs a lots of people from every nation.
You can reach details from here.:

Eskisehir Snowball Wars

Last year, approximately 500 people are be organized via Facebook and they started a tradition: Snowball wars.
Eskisehir city which as known as student's city in Turkey is very available for that kind of youth activities. People can easily organize from Facebook. As far as I'm concidering I can't understand why that kind a potential human resource and organization skills can't be used for protest to injustice situations...

Anyway here is the Facebook activity link of 2012 January: