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"Last words for girlfriend who left you" a great text from U.Sarikaya

Hi everyone. Last day, I saw this text and I liked it. Last words for girlfriend who left you from Umut Sarikaya:

"it was in Kaan Dobra's freshman days.
please don't say anything just just
just listen me,please.
kaan dobra has transfered yet.
i can't remember clearly. i think it was gaziantepspor match.
match was almost finished.
score is clear...
coach did a change in 89th minutes.
everyone in the game was so tired.
except kaan, kaan was doing crazy runnings in the pitch.
everyone -including me- laughing to kaan's moves.
hey look at that. why he is running such a stupid haha?
but coach liked kaan's performance.
after that match coach give more chances to kaan.
more and more...
and today if kaan is a star footballer, it caused from this -89th minutes change-
anyway, come to us
now i am running,moving and doing crazy things like kaan's 89th minutes performance
for fix our relationship
i caring because just look at my performance for
please just love me."