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Story of a e-mail system project:

A few days ago, I saw a discount for new domains in Go Daddy. It was only 1$ and I bought a domain for our student organization. Even our website is not ready yet, I set up a mail system with Yandex's helping. I wish it will help us in our process of institutionalization.
Also, when we posted e-mail to our contacts, it could be a good impression for us. On the other hand, we have hundreds of member and I wasn't know how to organize it. Then, I decided to take an account which called (By the way, Turkish word "destek" means support.). After that, I identified a label which sends an e-mail like: "We have taken your request. We'll give this e-mail to you if it is suitable. Then, I checked this "destek" mailbox and give e-mail accounts to users manually. But, my answers is in automatic e-mail format. I identify random passwords with helping my random keyboard touchings. One day, I'll write my own code for do this automatically and I am going to not do this on my own.