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Object Oriented Programming II Course and my project


I had not enough passion to write my blog since a few months. I don't know why but maybe it caused I can't get any feedbacks from people. It just like sending a letter in a bottle. Yesterday, I realized one of my bottle have received and my motivation came back and I decided to write a few posts.

In 2014 Spring, I have taken a course called Object Oriented Programming II. It was one of the most awful experiences of my university live. According to course descriptions, it should be a design patterns on C++ based course but new lecturer of course completely changed it and did not any inform to anybody.

This course was started with extremely basical C# subjects and it was so boring for me. I prefer to not to go lectures.

You can access course videos from here:

This course also have a final project necessity so I developed an university event register system for my student club.

Windows Forms Application with Microsoft Azure backend: 2 Günde Şirket-i Alem Kayıt Sistemi, it is open source, you can access codes from here: