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From Tieland To Tiewan Wild Energy - Delft, Netherlands

On my second EESTEC event, I was in Technical University of Delft that one of the most successful universities of world to participate From Tieland To Tiewan Wild Energy workshop.

The program started off with four days of lectures and assignments, both theoretical and practical.
I learnt how to send a small zeppelin-like balloon autonomous through an obstacle-filled room, using sensors and a microcontroller. It was ARM based and we coded it to control the skyies.

In collaboration with the European Wind Energy Master, the next part of the workshop was focus on wind energy; I did wind measurements, learnt about wind turbine designs and even design and build my own small wind turbine!

This wind turbine was then be used to power your blimp!

After that experience, I decided to live in Delft, I hope it could be possible one day.