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Android Developer Days 2014 - Hackathon

In Turkish: mobile application, In English: android application.
Weird and funny :)
I participated first ADD two years ago. I have also a blog post about hat:
(This post also referenced by wikipedia

This year, they organized a mobile application hackathon at the same time. I decided to participate that hackathon as a Windows Phone developer. According to organizers, there is no platform limit on this hackathon. Unfortunately, I was the only non-android develeoper on this hackathon. Because of that, it was extremely difficult for me. I want to thanks to Olcay Ay to try to help us event don't have any idea about Windows Phone environment.

At the final presentations, we can't present our application clearly. It was our fault but maybe it caused we were sleepy, we can't get any degree at this contest.

Unfortunately, I can't participate most of sessions because of hackathon. 24 hours is too small for one day. Addition to that, event was 2 days!

Here are the my hackathon application,