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End of the download mp3 files, high speed internet and online musics!

Hi my f(o || e)llowers I want to say something about music files.

Before 10-15 years ago if you want to download a music file, you have to wait approximately 1 or 2 hours. Perhaps it wasn't real mp3 file.(Maybe a virus or a adware). It was a waste of time.
Now we are able to reach high speed internet connection everywhere and we don't have to wait hours and hours. We can listen our musics with no money no waste of time. which is a Turkish sourced web site have got large archive for achieve.

But I have read a article in PCNet magazine for about 5 or 6 years ago.
"After 10 years, We can not download music files like nowadays. Big companies will come with some forbids."

Maybe? Please not.