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Using Wordpress in Windows Azure

Hi everyone! As I mentioned earlier, I set up our student club website with Wordpress. (here) Also, I want to tell something about this website's relation with Windows Azure.

Windows Azure is a cloud service that developed by Microsoft. On the contrary of most people thinks, it does not support Linux servers, Wordpress, PhpBB etc. Completely wrong, It supports! Also, it's free for one month.

In this article, I am going to mention about Wordpress set-up on Windows Azure.

Firstly, we are going to go to this address to register for Azure:

After that, we'll click to free trial. We need to create a Live account for membership. If we have it already, we can login here in this step. On the other hand, if we don't have a Live account or use a Live account before for Azure membership, we have to create a new account.

In here I have to say something about this credit card issue. You don't worry about it, there is no extra payment from your credit card since you don't give permission to it.
After that, we should click +Add button at the very bottom of page.
In this step, we will reach website gallery of Azure.

We determine our domain name and create a new MySQL database.

Then we skip to next page to creating process of our database. Note: Don't remember to agree:

  I agree to ClearDB’s legal terms and that Microsoft will transfer my subscription and contact information to ClearDB. See also ClearDB’s privacy statement.

Great! We have completed our set-up. I'll write about editing and migration of Wordpress later, so have fun!