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Taksim Square Protests / #direngeziparki

Turkish citizens are still protesting the demolition of "Taksim Gezi Park" which one of the few public parks left in the center of Istanbul. The official plan was the build an old building called "Taksim Topcu Kislasi". It's an old military building that built in Ottoman times of republic. Of course, it's impossible to build a military building again because of that government planned to building's inside as a large shopping center.

Due to the understand that, we have to look at near Turkish history. Topcu Kislasi was build in 1708. Ottomans were doing reforms at 1900's and Islamic part of Turkish citizens were uncomfortable from that reforms. Due to the that reason, people who want sharia started a rebellion called "31 Mart İsyanı" against reformist Ottomans. Taksim Topcu Kislasi was the center of this rebellion.

But in 1940, Lutfi Kirdar who governor of Istanbul and today's opposing side to Erdogan (PM of Turkey) ordered to demonstrate that building and build a park instead of that.

Erdogan's philosophy is conservative democracy and maybe this project will help him to rise their votes from Turkish extreme Islamist. He also said that he want to build a mosque near of that building.

On the contrary, most of Turkish citizens are against to that project and started to protests in over than 50 city of Turkey but still government says these are marginal socialist groups, not all of citizens. Also, government using police violence to stop these protests. You can take a look at that links to see that:

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