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Greetings from Skopje - Code app level up 2

I could't get medal.
This december, I was on Skopje for second time to participate an EESTEC event. We were two people from Turkey and there were approximately 10 international participants. We developed an Android application called Giftie. We couldn't win the competition but it was great.

I visited old Turkish part of Skopje. It was just like an old Turkish city. Even included Turkish political party's flag.

A picture from Manastır Askeri İdadisi

Also, I visited the Atatürk's old school on Bitola (Manastır) I went there with train but these trains were also old.

Addition to that, I experienced Skopje's night life for one week. The city is a little bit small but there are lots of night clubs on Skopje.

Of course, during that process we took lectures from experts on mobile application development. Also, we worked as a team and it was a good experience for me to work on an international development team with English language. 

Here are the our project's codes:

A picture after a great night.