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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course

This term, I took another course from computer engineering department called Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. It was too hard to continue to course because lecturer was not helpful enough for me.
This course included with a laboratuary course and it was a kind of different lab. course because we had to write codes before lab. On the lab, we were only presenting our workings. It was a kind of different for me and I faced with lots of problems.

Here are the course content:

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
2. Problems, Problem Solving, heuristic and deterministic methods
3. Heuristic Search Techniques: Genetic Algorithms-Examples
4. Heuristic Search Techniques: Saving Algorithms, Simulated Annealing
5. Deterministic methods: Modeling &Solving Problems with Linear
6. Knowledge representation
7. Planning
8. AI: Present and Future

I developed a term project for this course. It's a Windows desktop application to solve a common AI problem 8 puzzle with help of A* algorithm on C#.

Here are the laboratuary contents on there:

Course materials: