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Sweet November for Programming

This month, I'm going to participate two important programming event. First one will be Android Workshop on Ankara. It's a workshop which a project of EESTEC LC Ankara and GDG Ankara. I have already went to Android Develeoper Days event project of GDG Ankara and it was so helpful to introduction level Android enviroment. I hope this event also going to be fascinating for me.
Second one is a global Microsoft event. After the Windows 8's release, new Microsoft Market has a necessity for new applications. WOWZAPP 2012 is a event to give a change programmers for new market. It will be my first Microsoft experience and I am wondering what's sounds like. Briefly, I was a fan of Android but after Windows 8's revolution, I am confused. On the other hand, I have to finish Acikakademi Windows 8 lessons before the event, it could be hard for me.