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Creating an unique e-mail address in your own domain

A few days ago, I bought a domain as you see in address bar now, Before we started the tutorial I have to clarify one thing: You must buy a domain. It costs ~10$.
I used Google Apps for mail host. There are many options but most of them are not free and not as good as Gmail.
Firstly, you should help to Google for recognize your domain from here:
After that, you have to fill in the blanks. You don't have to have your own company. You could fill with random text.But do not remember write your desired mail address in "username" part.
Next step is changing user to user. If you have your own host, you can easily verify your domain with html method. On the other hand, if you using your domain in a blog as I'm, you have to verify with DNS method:
Select Verifying with DNS. Then, go to your DNS Host. My host firm is DNS Park. It's a free DNS redirecting service.
From DNS Hosting menu, enter your domain address. You can add TXT file which taken from Google like ,google-site-verification: google123dc1be23d1231.b.html, from here, bottom of the page.
Congratulations! First level is passed.

Then, go to your Google Apps page, enter Gmail and create your account. After, we have to do not forget DNS settings. Enter DNS Park again and enter this values:

    Order                      Mail Server


                                                                                               (Taken from Google) 

Note: Don't forget to change TLS 3600 values with 300.

Your mail is ready now. But do not forget DNS changing is required a long process and you must wait at least 48 hours for steady working.