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Umut Sarikaya and Akin

+Fuuuuu, I had haven't date a girl for about a very long time and finally I found a girl but nooo, I stucked into "remzi parameter"... Tonight I am able to be success but on the other hand, I can't ignore Remzi... Time is running out. I have to solve this problem or I have to start running for don't miss the last bus to my dormitory... Fuck, dormitory life...

-Ohh Akın don't ruin yourself, ok we'll do it.

+Screw you girl it's not my main problem now, I am trying to solve my accommodation problem.

+Shit, It's 12 pm. I am running to bus stop dude!..

(Left to right:
Remzi has a house, Last bus to dormitory:01:00, y axis= Possibility of Remzi's giving me permission, x axis= Delusion of Girl's coming to Remzi's house.

Last time for going to dormitory: 02:00)

+Hey Akın, If your friends saying "Wtf, it's terrible" after you want to listen my songs from your friends, do not blaim yourself, you don't have to feel any responsibility feeling from my music style.Leave them alone, don't worry... Nobody have to like it.

-Thanks Nick Cave, You are so open-minded man. You came my house to just say that, now i like you more.

+I'll go to Caner in Pendik,too. Goodbye bro.

+Awww,Akin Wtf!.. Someone put his underwear here!:.
-Deniz, Do you remember, we were laughing because of my humor... I removed my underwear due to this exciting moments energy..It's mine!.. Look at it there is a sign in the near of it... It's not a sign, it just like a silver... Hey little sister you must look at under the table... Real silver mine is in there.
-An other humor again!