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Android Developer Days - 2012 May 21-22 - Turkey/Ankara

After the Android's hilarious rising in smart phones, developing on Android has getting more important. Natural result of this, most of country are organized their developing days. On the other hand, there was no move until GTUG (Ankara Google Technology User Group)'s conference. You should get more information about this Android Developer Days from here. Unluckily, I am not able to attend computer based application sessions because of my problems which about my laptop.
I gave a present in this conference, a book: Professional Android 2 Application Development, Reto Meier.
Also, you can reach my comments about sessions but generally that conference was very informative about Android.
I attended these sessions:

First Day

Huawei Session - The things that Smartphones have changed in our life and Future of Android - Bilgin Demir

That was an interesting presentation experience. We have a chance for win some presents from Huawei. That's interesting part is texting answer of questions from our mobile phones. On the other hand, they do not mentioned about this is only available on Turkcell. In addition to these, I learned Huawei producted the most tiniest smart phone of world. I think that is a good move to rise in smart phones for Huawei.

Features an Android app should have - Seval Ünver

How to use Facebook and Google accounts in Apps? - Yusuf Selçuk

Areas of HTML5 usage and Reasons- Mehmet Karabulut

Hybrid Mobile App Development - Engin Yağız Hatay

As said in this session, I think hybrid solutions are the best choice. Because HTML5 is not working fully capable without Native.

Creating outstanding Android apps - Richard Hyndman - Senior Android Developer Advocate at Google

That was a good experience for me. Generally, he mentioned about new Google techs. On the other hand, he wasn't answer question of when Google Play Store's music, video e.g. choices will be available on Turkey. Turkish developers are so excited and everyone listening him carefully.

Why hackathons are important and 8 hours are not enough - Benjamin Weiss

He mentioned about their hackathon experiences. We listened him very carefully because no one is attended to a hackathon except one or two person in the session. He thinks hackathons are so amazing. Also, he advised pizza for coders.

Second Day

Türk Telekom Session

Türk Telekom mentioned about their new Android based OS: TTDroid. They explain their reasons for developing a new OS. For example, Türk Telekom has suspicions about security of Android and according to TT Developers, most of these security problems are solved in TTDroid. Also, I won a Android Developing book in this session.

New features in Android 4.0 and Tabletization of Apps - Murat Aydın

Introduction to usage of C/C++ on Android with NDK - Ertan Deniz

C and C++ programming do not be your first choice in Android programming but you may be use in your basic programs.

Mobile Ads Networks and Turkish Ad Network: HyperAd - Mustafa Özlü Muhammed Emin Ayar

Android Education Apps - Orçun Madran

Turkish government will use Android tablets in schools. But, they won't use Android Market because of the children care. Government will use their own market and because of that O.Madran was so concerned about their future.

Crossplatform Mobile Development with the Google Web Toolkit and Titanium4j - Alain Ekambi (English)

He can't attended this session. According to moderator, he had an car accident. Get better soon Alain Ekambi.

Native or Web App Which one? - Duygu Ağıral Ayşenur Özdemir

That session isn't satisfy me. Both are not qualified in this subject and they only read their presentation.